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Vehicle Tracking

If you are looking for custom solutions for vehicle tracking, you have come to the right place.
Please see below some of the solutions we have already developed:

  • ON-LINE information about the location and status of the vehicle
  • Communication between the control centre and vehicles over user terminals free of charge
  • Driving simulation
  • Security alarms (if the car is moved you receive a SMS)
  • Internal battery (in case the car battery is disconnected)
  • Internal memory
  • Reverse geo-coding to street / postcode
  • Stores up to 10000 history tracks
  • Full history searching
  • Reports with graphs / distance travelled / top speed etc
  • Data display in graphs and tables
  • PC and phone access
  • ID of the users vehicle
  • Simple software download & setup be on the map in minutes!
  • Optimizing the driving and route planning
  • Records of travel orders
  • Telemetry analogue and digital input/output
  • Connect to FMS Interface,...
  • We also offer tracking for boats and persons

For more information on how we could help you and your company get more for less, contact us at Together we can develop solutions that are right for you.

Who uses our service?

The general public, transport operators, courier services, field work based companies, security services, taxi services, construction companies, property development companies, insurance companies,...

Tracking Users
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